Ales for Anglers

This weekend we attended the Ales for Anglers. It was a beer and music festival in Boca Raton. Huck and Karl were entered into the homebrew competition. They spent many weeks brewing the required 20 gallons of beer for the event. Well, they actually brewed 40 gallons of beer. Four 10 gallon batches. Our house was overflowing with beer the days leading up to the event.

The night before the event, I made signs for each of the beers. Zink Brewing Company {Karl’s homebrew name} made Sunburn Imperial Red and Sinkhole Russian Imperial Stout. Hucklebuck Brewing Company {Huck’s name} made Whitecap Wheat and Operation IPA-1A. I corrected the sign before we left. And don’t worry, the boys wrote the descriptions! 

Ales for Anglers  (1)

Our car was loaded down with supplies.

Ales for Anglers  (2)

Karl and Huck went all out of this event, too. They bought banners, signs, stickers. Actually, all the homebrews at the event went all out. Everyone had names and banners for their beers.

Ales for Anglers  (3)

I helped set up the kegs… I’ve been working out!

Ales for Anglers  (15)

Ales for Anglers  (4)

Ales for Anglers  (5)

I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain to people they could not buy any of the beer at the event commercially. I think that says a lot when people ask where they can find more of your stuff though!  Ales for Anglers  (7)

Creative tap handles. I handed out beer the whole time. I love Huck’s IPA and didn’t sample much else.

Ales for Anglers  (6)


Ales for Anglers  (11)


The women that put up with their homes being taken over by beer and countless Sunday devoted to brewing… Karl and Huck are lucky!!

Greg was at the event, too. He was representing 26° Brewing Company {I had to Google how to add the degree symbol! Holy Hell! It took 6 key strokes!}



Greg tapped out before we did, and came over to get his Vitamin C fix!

Ales for Anglers  (13)

Ales for Anglers  (14)

In the end, Huck and Karl came in 2nd! They were pretty disappointed, too. They were really hoping for first, and worked so hard for it. I felt bad for all three of them.

Right before they announced the winner, it started sprinkling and you could see lightening in the distance. Once they announced the winner, we decided to head out. 

Ales for Anglers  (16)

I thought we’d go home with at least 10 gallons of beer, but managed to tap all four kegs! The IPA was the first to go.

We ended the night with the traditional, post beer competition, pizza before calling it a night.

They actually had to cancel the rest of the event before the headliner started performing.



These people were hard core! My ass wouldn’t be standing out there! I have a slight fear of lighting. Actually, I don’t consider it a fear. I’m just not stupid enough to stand outside “watching the lighting!”

Huck also made a great video for the event, too. {Click here or on the picture below to watch the video}

Ales for Anglers

Such a fun day with some of our best friends!

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