My Birthday Celebration

My birthday came and went way to fast. Honestly, just the time spent with my family went by way to fast! We had a great time while they were in town. We did a bunch of new stuff plus a bunch of old. We ate good food. We spent lots of time together. And I didn’t have to work. It was a great week. 

We took a ride on the Manatee Queen

Manatee Queen (15)Manatee Queen (17)Manatee Queen (27)Manatee Queen (31)Manatee Queen (32)

You guys didn’t know I was married to Zach Galifianakis, did you?  

Watched a Baseball Game at Roget Dean.

Roger Dean Abacoa Jupiter (1)

We went to Blowing Rock.

 Blowing Rock Jupiter (1)

Blowing Rock Jupiter

Walked on the beach.
Blowing Rock Jupiter (2) 
They tried Mellow Mushroom for the first time and loved it!

Mellow Mushroom (1)

Mellow Mushroom (3)

{My birthday cake!}

We had drinks and watched the World Cup at Benny’s on the Beach.
Benny's on the Beach-Lake Worth (1)
Benny's on the Beach-Lake Worth (2)
Benny's on the Beach-Lake Worth (3) 

We celebrated my birthday at Square Grouper.

I’m sad they’re gone. It sucks being so far away and not know when I’ll get to see them again. Until then, there’s always Skype. 

I had a great birthday week. Having my parents here was the greatest birthday gift. I also loved my 22oz Shiner Bock from Huck, picture frame from Deena, UGA scarf, and an awesome picture from Tabby.


This is the end of our two months of craziness! So much has happened throughout May and June:


Red Beans and Rice with Abita Spring IPA

Red Beans and Rice with Abita Spring IPA

Red Beans and Rice- Life Food and Beer

Red Beans and Rice is a traditional Creole dish. Traditionally this dish was served on Monday using the leftover from Sunday. Ham was usually prepared on Sundays.

Red Beans and Rice- Life Food and Beer

Now, this dish is not traditional by any means. I made it on a Saturday, I used canned beans, my veggies were on the larger size, I served my rice on top instead of the bottom, and I added a splash of beer because everything in life is better with a splash of beer.

Red Beans and Rice- Life Food and Beer

Even though this isn’t traditional, it’s still a winner in my book. The IPA adds a slight sweetness to balance out the spice. If you do not like spicy food, I would cut back on the IPA, and only use 1/4 of a cup. Otherwise you’ll have sweet Red Beans.

Red Beans and Rice- Life Food and Beer

I allowed this to simmer for an hour which thinned the liquids and created a gravy almost. I also used brown rice instead of white. I’m on a brown rice kick right now. It has so much more flavor than plain white. It’s like a nuttiness almost. I buy the Publix brand Frozen Steam bag. In 5 minutes I have perfect brown rice. Love it!

Red Beans and Rice- Life Food and Beer

The Start of My Birthday Weekend

It’s almost my birthday. My last year in my 20’s. I’ve had so many amazing things happen over the last 9 years. Some good. Some bad. But everything has lead me to the life I currently have, and I wouldn’t change one second. Now, that’s not saying I wouldn’t like to add in a few more things along the way.


I’m the kind of person that sets expectations for myself. Like by the time I’m 30, I want to have done this, this, and this. Well, I’m knocking on 30’s door, with a list of stuff I still haven’t accomplished, and I have a feeling she’s going to open whether I accomplish them or not. Damn it!


My goal was to travel the world by 30. Visit a handful of US cities {I’ve never been to NYC, and I found that unacceptable!!}. I wanted to live in a different state {I did that one}. Live in a different country.


Ok so, my list of things to do before 30 is just a big list of places I want to visit. Story of my life. I was born with a major case of wanderlust, apparently. It’s crazy because no one in my entire family is like that. It’s a blessing and curse at the same time.

travel bucket list map

I am happy with the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had. I’ve traveled to some pretty awesome places, made some great friends, and married the love of my life. Honestly, the last one is the only thing that matters.


I still can’t believe I’ll be 29. Where did the time go? I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I feel like I’m in my early 20’s, maybe. I’m about to go out drinking. We will see if I still feel like I’m in my early 20’s, tomorrow.


As I enter the 29th year of my life, I will not be sad I haven’t accomplished everything on my ridiculously long list of expectations, but instead celebrate all the amazing things I’ve done, the amazing people I’ve met, and the amazing life I have.

Here’s to another great 29 years!

2013-06-15 14.43.39

Red Beds and Rice


  • 1 teaspoon Oil
  • 1/2 Medium Onion (Diced)
  • 1/2 Medium Bell Pepper (Diced)
  • 2 cloves Garlic (Chopped)
  • 1/2lb Cajun Sausage (Diced)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne
  • 1/2 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon Pepper Powder
  • 1 can Low Sodium Red Kidney Beans (Drained and Rinsed)
  • 1/4 cup Beer (Wheat, Lager, or IPA)
  • 1 cup Chicken Broth
  • Tabasco Sauce (To Taste)
  • Salt and Pepper (To Taste)


Preheat a medium size pot over medium heat. Add Oil, Onions, Peppers, Garlic, and Sausage. Cook until veggies start to soften and sausage starts to brown.
Add seasonings, beans, and stir to combined. Add beer and chicken stock. Cover and simmer on low for 45 minutes. Add water if needed.
Serve with white or brown rice and enjoy.

Kayaking At Riverbend

River Bend Kayaking  (16)

For all my new couples or single people, if you ever want to really get to know someone or test your relationship, go kayaking together, up a windy stream with a strong current. If you manage to not drown each other, your relationship is golden. 

River Bend Kayaking  (15)

That’s exactly what we did this weekend, and as you can tell, neither of us drown {even though there were talks of throwing the other person in the gator infested waters a time or two}. 

The first part of our 4 hour trip was easy! The 8 of us floated down stream. Some parts were complicated with the narrow, sharp, turns, but nothing crazy. River bend isn’t a lazy river by any means. I couldn’t even drink my beer because we were consistently have to maneuver around logs, turns or roots. My arms started burning on the way down, so I knew going back was going to be hell. 

River Bend Kayaking  (33)

We stopped 2/3 of the way down for snacks, drinks, and lunch. I was so impressed with the food section on our trip. We had cheese and crackers, assorted meats, hummus, and curry chicken salad. And of course we had some really good homebrew and other craft beer assortments. Sweetwater IPA in a can! Yeah! 

River Bend Kayaking  (2)

We hung out on the bank for a while before make our way to the turn around. 

We seen an alligator along the way. All the times we’ve been to River Bend looking for alligators, this was our first time actually seeing one.

River Bend Kayaking  (50)

We made it to the second dam, and immediately turned around to head back. The current was strong, but the real problem came when going around the bends in the river. We seen multiple couples, in kayaks, having troubles and getting really frustrated with each other. 

I wasn’t able to paddle, through the turns, by myself. Huck would stop paddling or try to turn us in the right direction while I was paddling, and we wouldn’t move anywhere. I blame it on the fact all the weight was in the back and middle of the kayak… 

River Bend Kayaking  (10)

I was so happy to make it back, and I’m 100% sure we burned every calorie we consumed from the fried chicken

River Bend Kayaking  (4)

Kayaking is fun and we both enjoy it, but kayaking at Riverbend… Not so much. I think we both agree, lazy rivers or wider streams are way better, like Itchetucknee! Or one way trips, and the one way being down streams, are the only way to go! 


Eating Our Way Through New Orleans

Our trip to New Orleans was not long enough! Our day of travel started at 4:30am. It’s a 12 hour drive from our house to NOLA. Originally, our plan was to fly, but airfare was expensive and Huck had a chance to look at a few claims in the panhandle along the way. He figured we could save $600+ in travel expenses and cover the cost of the trip at the same time. And by driving, we would be able to stay with my Grandmother, who lives in the panhandle, on the way back.

Driving Through Florida

Honestly, the ride wasn’t that bad. From Jupiter to Pensacola sucked! It was flat nothingness. That was about 8 hours of our trip. From there Huck looked at his claims, which broke the ride up a good bit. I-10 from Pensacola to NO was a nice ride. It follows along the coast and goes over a bunch of bridges that provide nice views. We even seen a shark attacking something. We both agreed it wasn’t a dolphin, so it had to be a shark.

I-10 (1)I-10 (2)

We were both really crabby by the time we arrived in NO. We were at the “don’t talk to me” point of the ride. We held off on eating until we arrived. After a few hiccups checking into our hotel, we finally made it to Bourbon Street around 9:30pm NOLA times. We already knew where we were going for dinner before we arrived, and thanks to the Google Map app {The walking distance option is great for traveling. You don’t look like a tourist looking for directions on your phone!} we already had the restaurant pulled up and went straight there for food.

Desire New Orleans (5)

We decided to have dinner at Desire Oyster Bar and Restaurant. I read a good review from Iowa Girl Eats about the restaurant, and it was really close to our hotel. We wasted no time ordering.

Huck ordered the Creole Trio. It came with Gumbo, Seafood Jambalaya, and Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage.

Desire New Orleans (3)

I ordered the Crawfish Etouffe.

Desire New Orleans (4)

Everything was great, and we cleaned our plates in recorded time. It was almost embarrassing how quickly we consumed our food. Considering we had breakfast at 11am Florida time, dinner was long overdue!

Once we finished, we walked to Crescent City Brewhouse. Of course, we had to check out the local craft beer places.

Crescent City Brewhouse New Orleans

Crescent City Brewhouse New Orleans 1

I ordered the Red Stallion. Huck ordered the Pale Ale. Both okay beer. We wanted to make a trip to Abita, but never made it that far.

We stopped by Café Du Monde, but we didn’t have any cash, and I was really full from dinner. We walked around for a while before calling it a night.

Jackson Square New Orleans

Thursday, we were up bright and early. We were in New Orleans for a class Huck was attending. I registered for the class too since we were there. The first day was a quick review of the estimating software adjusters use, and a practice test. If you passed the practice test, you could take the test the following day. I haven’t used the estimating software in a while, and was a little nervous I wouldn’t pass the test. I did some research before and found out it has a low pass rate, which was repeated several times during the class. I was so nervous I wasn’t going to pass!

Once we finished the practices test, we were released for lunch. Right across the street, from the conference, was a Popeye’s. Of course, my spicy fried chicken loving husband wanted to stop.

Popeyes New Orleans

I’m not going to lie, I like their Fried Chicken, too!

Once we returned, our practices test were graded. I missed a few questions because of stupid calculation errors but was given the OK to sit for the test the next day. We went over practices questions for about an hour longer and were released for the day.

Huck and I dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed out to explore/eat and drink more.

Downtown New Orleans (1)

Downtown New Orleans (8)

I love Huck’s GoPro!!

Downtown New Orleans (17)

Downtown New Orleans (19)

Downtown New Orleans (21)

We tried Café du Monde again, this time with cash, but the line was too long. Even the express line wrapped around to the front of the building.

Cafe Du Monde

Downtown New Orleans (13)

I didn’t feel like waiting either, so we carried on.

French Quarter New Orleans (1)

French Quarter New Orleans (2)

French Quarter New Orleans (3)

We walked past Evangeline and noticed they were doing a beer and food pairing for happy hour. For $15, we sampled three different kinds of sausage: Boudin, Smoked Sausage, and Andouille that were paired with 3 different Saint Arnold beers. We received a 10 oz sample of each beer. It was a deal!

Evangeline New Orleans

The Boudin was our favorite along with the Black Kolsch, surprisingly. I’m not usually a fan of Kolsch beers but this one was good.

Evangeline New Orleans (6)

Evangeline New Orleans (1)

The sausage was served with a mustard sauce over a potato pancake.

Evangeline New Orleans 1 (5)Evangeline New Orleans 1 (6)

After our meat and beer dinner, we met up with some people from the class. We spent a few hours talking with them, before Huck and I separated from the group. Our first stop Café de Monde, again.

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans (4)Cafe Du Monde New Orleans (5)

10pm is the perfect time for Beignets and Coffee. The place wasn’t very busy. We were seated and served right away. Much better than waiting in line.

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans (2)Cafe Du Monde New Orleans (6)

I was a little disappointed with the beignets. I went to NO with my parent in 2006 and remember them being lighter. These were very eggy. Huck compared them to French Toast. They were still really good, and the coffee was a great pick-me-up, too.

On our way back to the hotel, we passed The Gumbo Shop. I wasn’t really hungry but knew I wouldn’t get good gumbo again for a long time. We went in and ordered two bowls of Gumbo. One Seafood. One Chicken and Sausage. Both equally good.

Gumbo Shop New Orleans (4)

It was cold in NOLA by the way {like 55 degrees and windy cold!}, and all we brought were summer stuff. Poor Huck had to wear his dress khaki because we didn’t pack him any pants.

Gumbo Shop New Orleans (5)Gumbo Shop New Orleans (6)Gumbo Shop New Orleans (7)

We walked around Bourbon Street for a while before heading back to the hotel. Our hotel was only one block from Bourbon Street off of Canal Street. Perfect location.

I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow that night. It was a long day full of great food and good beer!

I’ll be back with a recap from our last day in New Orleans, and the trip to my Grandparents, Friday or Saturday. Then I’ll post some recipes. I have a bunch to share :)


Exploring Savannah Georgia

Once we arrived in Savannah, we dropped Chris and Lisa off at their hotel. Lisa’s family was in town for her sister’s wedding. It was still too early for us to check into our hotel, so we drove out to Tybee Island to visit Fort Pulaski. The fort is massive, and it’s so impressive knowing this was constructed before the Civil War. Before machines, cars, A/C, etc. 

Fort Pulaski Savannah (10)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (12)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (19)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (45)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (71)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (85)

Fort Pulaski Savannah (168)

We walked around for about an hour before heading back to Downtown Savannah. 

Hotels in Savannah are EXPENSIVE! Like $300+ a night. After lots of research, I settled on the Thunderbird Inn. Our friend for Georgia, Gump, stayed with us, so I wasn’t expecting a romantic weekend, anyways. And who doesn’t love a 70’s themed hotel that leaves Moonpies on your pillow every night? The room was $145 a night, so I didn’t expect much. It was just a place to lay my head at night, that was close to downtown. That’s what I kept telling myself anyways. The boys thought it was fine. Old but clean. 

Thunderbird Inn Savannah

Once Gump arrived, we got ready and headed to River Street.

River Street Savannah GARiver Street Savannah Georgia  (2)River Street Savannah Georgia  (7)

{We were trying to figure out if these steps were to code! I’m going to say no!}

We ordered some to-go beers {You can walk around with beer in Savannah} and walked around trying to find a place for dinner… I’m going to skip the details of horrible meal number one… We spent the evening walking around, checking out different bars, and listening to karaoke. 

The next morning we were up bright and early for a walking tour that I purchased through Groupon. Chris joined us the three of us, so our 90 minute tour cost less than $8 each before tip. It was a deal!  

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (3)

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (10)

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (14)

We met our tour guide, Michelle, the owner of Savannah Belle Walking Tours, in front of the John Wesley statue in Reynolds Square. She took us through a few of the squares, told us about what life was like in early Savannah, pointed out famous spots, and all the best dessert places in town. She was entertaining and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend her tours.

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (25)

{This is where the bench scene was filmed for Forrest Gump.}

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (27)

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (32)

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 (39) 

We finished up at Colonial Park Cemetery, and the four of us headed to a popular ice cream shop, Leopold’s Ice Cream, Michelle recommended.

Leopold's ice Cream

At this point, Chris left us to join the wedding group, and the three of us walked back the cemetery and Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah GA (5)

Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah GA (8)

Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah GA (10)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (3)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (5)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (11)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (23)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (24)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist  (13)

I love this picture of the three of us on the steps. The fisheye lens on Huck’s GoPro is amazing! 

Then we made our way to Forsyth Park.

Forsyth Park Savannah GA  (2)

Forsyth Park Savannah GA  (7)

Forsyth Park Savannah GA  (15)

Forsyth Park Savannah GA  (22)

Once we finished up, we stopped for a late lunch at another place Michelle recommended. 

The Six Pence Pub Savannah GA

The Six Pence Pub was actually really good {I guess we did have some OK food in Savannah}. A scene from Something to Talk About with Julie Roberts and Dennis Quaid was filmed here, too. 

Once lunch was over, we walked back to our hotel for a nap. Apparently, that’s what you do when you get older, go on walking tours and take naps. 

That afternoon we went to The Distillery for drinks. It was recommended to us by a Facebook friend. It had a neat atmosphere and lots of craft beer. 

The Distillery Savannah GA (1)

The Distillery Savannah GA (2)

We had dinner in the beer garden at Moon River Brewing Company, and the rest of the night was spent wondering around the streets, barhopping. 

Historic District Savannah GA 2014 2

Moon River Brewery Savannah GA

We had to pick the Yahoos up by 4PM, so we loaded up early Sunday morning and headed home after a quick breakfast at Waffle House. 

I felt bad because we didn’t tell the Fugger’s bye before we headed home. Hopefully, we’ll see them again in a few month. It will be our turn to head North for a visit. Snow and Cheese heads! Can’t wait!!


Jekyll Island

Once we left St Augustine, we headed North to Jekyll Island. I’ve only been to Jekyll once before with my parents. We arrived, realized there was nothing to do, and left. This time I did a little research before. There still isn’t much to do on the island. They have a putt-putt course ;) It’s not somewhere you would go to party, but it seems like a great, relaxing, weekend destination.

Originally, we planned to stay at a standard hotel with each couple in a different room, but I was able to find a two bedroom condo on the water that allowed one night stays. Sold! 

Hotel Jekyll Island Georgia (3)Hotel Jekyll Island Georgia (14)

I was a little disappointed when we arrived at Villas By The Sea. I thought it was a condo and both rooms would have ocean views. Instead it was a townhouse and only the master faced the ocean, and you couldn’t see the ocean from the first floor. It was still a great place, though, and it was very clean!

Chris and Lisa took the master bedroom since we can see the ocean whenever we like and they’ve been stuck in –24 degree weather for the past 6 months. 

Once we dropped our stuff off, we went in search of dinner and drinks. We ended up at The Rah Bar {there wasn’t a lot of food options on the island and everything closes early. If we were to go back, for a longer stay, I’d plan to bring food to cook at the condo}. We ordered a couple drinks, watched the sunset, and listened to the band. 

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (3)

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (4)

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (9)

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (14)

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (18)

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (79)

This was $50 worth of food and didn’t even come with crab legs!

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31 (91)

The Rah Bar is located in the historic district of Jekyll. I did lots of research while we were there. Jekyll Island was originally started as a private resort for the Morgan and Rockefellers of the US. The historic district is full of cottages that were originally the winter home for many of the world’s richest families. The first transatlantic phone call was from Jekyll island, too, by the founder of AT&T. Interesting right? I could go on and on, but I’m sure anyone that’s interested can read Wikipedia, too. 

Jekyll Island GA Rah Bar Latitude 31

After dinner, we walked around looking at the cottages. We didn’t hang out long because of the bugs. They were HORRIBLE at Jekyll. HORRIBLE! 

Jekyll Island Georgia (609)

Jekyll Island Georgia (615)

We ended up back at our condo early with the plan to wake up early to watch the sunrise, and we made it down to the beach just in time. My favorite part was seeing the dolphins. They seemed so close to shore! My least favorite part was all the bugs.  

Jekyll Island Georgia Sunrise (2)

Jekyll Island Georgia Sunrise (3)

Jekyll Island Georgia Sunrise (12)

Jekyll Island Georgia sunrise 1 (38)

Jekyll Island Georgia sunrise 1 (135)

After sunrise, we packed up and went to Driftwood Beach… 

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (7)

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (8)

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (13)

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (26)

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (49)

Jekyll Island GA Driftwood Beach (65)

Horton House… Fun fact about the Horton House, it was the first house to brew beer in Georgia! 

Jekyll Island Georgia (315)

Jekyll Island Georgia (295)

Jekyll Island Georgia Horton House Ruins (1)

Jekyll Island Georgia (302)

Jekyll Island Georgia (309)

Walked around the Historic District and ate at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel… 

Jekyll Island Georgia (383)

Jekyll Island Georgia (398)

Jekyll Island Georgia (406)

Jekyll Island Georgia (407)

Jekyll Island Georgia (412)

Jekyll Island Georgia Historic District  (18)

And visited the Jekyll Island museum. It was free but accepted donations…

Jekyll Island Georgia (420)

Jekyll Island Georgia (419)

Jekyll Island Georgia Historic District  (22)

And then it was time to go. 

Huck and I both agreed we’d love to spend a whole weekend in the future. They had a great bike trail around the island and a campground {I’d definitely plan a time when the bugs were not as bad!} . I’d also like to spend the weekend at the condo, so I could lay in bed and watch the sunrise or have my coffee on the balcony while listening to the waves crash on the rocks. All in all I was very impressed with Jekyll Island. I wish we had a little more time to spend there, but we had a 70’s themed hotel and a friend waiting on us in Savannah.

Next up, Savannah!


St. Augustine and A1A Ale Works

Our weekend on the Georgia coast started with a trip to St. Augustine. We decided to stop in St. Augustine for lunch before heading to Jekyll Island. We decided to stop at A1A Ale Works. Surprisingly, we had no trouble finding a parking space. Last time Huck and I were in St. Augustine, we couldn’t find anywhere to park and ended up leaving the historic district without food.

St Augustine Florida  (8)

St Augustine Florida  (11)

St Augustine Florida  (79)

A1A Ale Works St Augustine Florida (23)

{This will be the only time I talk about food in my weekend recaps. Nothing on this trip excited me and most of our meals just pissed me off. One of the worst meals/dinning experiences, I can remember, was on our first night in Savannah, if that tells you anything. It was a weekend of overpriced, shitty food or overpriced mediocre food! I can take some of the blame for that, though. We usually waited until we were really hungry and already a couple beer in before looking for dinner, but more on that later}

St Augustine Florida  (23)

A1A Ale Works St Augustine Florida (16)

Once we were seated at A1A Ale Works, we ordered a couple of flights, and everyone ordered something different for the menu. I went with the Crab BLT and A1A Cheese Soup, Huck ordered the Fish Tacos, and Chris and Lisa split a Ahi Tuna Burger. My sandwich was overflowing with crabmeat. Huck’s tacos were great, but the Tuna was hands down the best! Yum!

A1A Ale Works St Augustine Florida (1)

A1A Ale Works St Augustine Florida (9) A1A Ale Works St Augustine Florida (15)

On our way out, we noticed the store next to the restaurant sold flavored balsamic vinegar and olive oils. We sampled a few before I settled on the Honey Ginger Aged Balsamic. It was the first one I tried. The lady mixed it with a garlic olive oil for us to try and said it was perfect as a salad dressing or great drizzled on chicken or seafood. It was SO GOOD! I can’t wait to make something with it! Maybe a future blog post… maybe! With our Balsamic in hand, we walked around town for a little while before making our way to Jekyll.

St Augustine Florida  (66)

St Augustine Florida  (79)

St Augustine Florida  (83)

Our plan was to arrive in Jekyll early, to explorer the area, but we got a late start from our house, had to drop off the yahoos, and spent more time in St. Augustine than originally planned. We didn’t arrive in Jekyll until later in the afternoon.

To Be Continued…


Orange Beer Martinis and Uptown Art

Orange Beer Martini Florida Cracker

Two “recipes” in like one week! WTH!! I’m not sure this can really be called a recipe or Martini, but it looks really pretty in the martini glass.

Beer Martini Florida Cracker  (2)


Beer Martini Florida Cracker  (4)

I used Cigar City Brewing Florida Cracker for this recipe, but any American Wheat, Hefeweizen, or maybe a light lager will work.

Beer Martini Florida Cracker  (1)

Fresh citrus is always best, but condensed will work in a pinch.

Uptown Art

Friday, a group of our friends attended a painting BYOB class in West Palm at Uptown Art. My day actually started at noon with a trip to TBC. Friday was my bosses birthday and we all “went to lunch”. That lunch started with “A DRINK” at TBC. The plan was to have a drink and figure out where to go for lunch. We ended up ordering food from Corner Cafe and never making it anywhere else. Holly met us around 3:30,  and we continued celebrating until it was time to leave for our art class. Needless to say, I was feeling really good, or bad depending on how you look at it, when we left. Once I ate dinner, I was good to go.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (3)

We arrived at Uptown Art with a bunch of beer, ready to paint turtles.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (11)

Our group consisted of 2 girls and 5 boys. Surprisingly, all the guys really enjoyed the class. A painting class where you can bring your own beer… What’s not to love?

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (1)

Apparently, our turtle painting was the most complicated one they offer. Go big or go home!

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (3)

We were up for the challenge.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (4)

The instructor told us what to do, what colors to mix, how to make the turtles, etc. They do a great job of giving you instructions.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (5)

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (6)

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (8)

In the end, everyone’s turtle turned out great.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (10)

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (12)

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (9)

Our pictures are proudly displayed in our dining room.

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (13)

Uptown Art West Palm Beach (14)

Such a fun outing. I highly recommend it for EVERYONE. Not just girls. It’s also a great place for single guys!

Orange Beer ‘Martini’


  • 1 Part Fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 Part Beer
  • Fresh Lime and Lemon Juice
  • Ice
  • Granulated Sugar (For Garnish)
  • Fresh Citrus Zest (For Garnish)


Combined Orange, Beer, and Ice in a shaker or large cup. Add Lime or Lemon Juice to taste. Stir or lightly shack to combined.
Combined Zest and Sugar on a plate. Run piece of citrus along the rim of a martini glass. Dip glass in Sugar and add Beer Orange mixture to glass without ice. Garnish with slices of orange and lime.
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