Cruisin For A Boozin, Little House, and Ice Skating

HI! Have you missed me? I just can’t seem to make myself sit at my computer and blog lately. I decided today, I’m blogging without a recipe, and I’m perfectly fine with that! This blog originally started as a journal about our lives in South Florida, and I enjoy being able to look back on stuff we’ve done here. The food part may take a back seat for a while.

With that said, we had a busy, fun, weekend.

Crusin’ for a Boozin’

Saturday, we attended the 4th annual Crusin’ for a Boozin’ bike ride/pub crawl through Lantana and Lake Worth.


Every year, a bunch of friends come together, ride their bikes around, and drink all in the of charity. This year all proceeds went to Surfers For Autism.






2014-01-18 12.47.57


We cruised around, with the group, for a couple of hours before parting ways and attending a homebrew festival at The Little House in Boynton Beach.

The Little House

Huck, Greg, and Karl each entered a different beer into the Homebrew competition with the hope that all three would come in first.

The Little House in Boynton Beach (1)

{Huck bought a GoPro last weekend, and he’s loving it!}

The Little House in Boynton Beach (2)

Huck brought his Black IPA, Greg had a Double IPA, and Karl served his Milk Stout. He was the oddball.

The Little House in Boynton Beach (3)

The Little House in Boynton Beach (4)

In the end, it was only Karl that placed. He got first place in the judges category. The rest of the night was spent listening to Karl gloat, and Greg and Huck whine about being robbed ;)

Ice Skating

Sunday morning, we were up surprisingly early after our busy day before. Since Huck and I started dating, we’ve talked about going ice skating. That’s 6 years! Well yesterday, we finally went. I’m not going to lie. I usually tried to get out of it. I sucked at rollerblading, so I knew ice skating would be even worse!

Ice Skating (5)

And I was right! I either held onto the wall or Huck almost the whole time.

Ice Skating (2)

Sometimes, I held onto both!

Ice Skating (3)

I did manage to do a full lap without Huck or the wall’s assistance. Another hour and I’d be doing circles around him.

Going to the Palm Beach Skate Zone made me really miss working from home. A Sunday afternoon is not the best time to go ice skating unless you’re attending a kids birthday. And there’s nothing like having a 3 year old zoom by you as you’re holding onto the wall for dear life, afraid if you fall you’ll never be able to stand back up.

Ice Skating (7)

We also realized how old we’re getting when Huck told me he was ready to go because his ankles hurt, and I said good because my hip hurts. We watched a little hockey before heading home.

We ended the weekend watching football at a friends house. It was definitely a busy weekend. Next weekend will be no different. It’s The Jupiter Beer Fest Weekend! I already told my work I’d be late Monday morning.


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