Dreading The Drive

*This post is completely random! You’ve been worried*

We’re Georgia bond today! As usual, I’m not very excited at the moment. 9 hours in the car= torture. The ride is always worth it in the end, though. Getting to spend the weekend with my family while Huck’s off riding four wheelers will be fun. I swear that drive gets longer every time!

I already packed my bags and have everything ready to go. I downloaded an audio book to listen to, and I packed enough clothes to last me 5 weeks.

Side note: While in Italy, we would leave school on Thursday afternoons and not return until Sunday night, and all I’d have is small backpack. I go to Georgia for 4 days, and I pack my whole closet!

full (8)

This is what my room looked like as I packed 6 weeks worth of clothes into one suitcase. The same size suitcase I’m taking to Georgia… Craziness! I guess when you can pack more, you will.

I actually found some other cool pictures, while searching for this one.

full (7)

full (6)

full (5)

full (4)

full (3)

full (2)

full (1)

I wish I had more pictures from my other trips, or just more pictures from Italy. Almost all my pictures from before 2010 are gone. Stupid computer virus!!

I have the memories from my travels, though. I guess that’s all that matters. Or that means I’ll just need to visit all the places again.

In high school, I use to make scrapbooks (The low tech form of blogging!) I actually looked through one a few months ago. It’s amazing how different I am from the person in those books or just how different my life is now. Or how different my life could be. Don’t expect to see any pictures from that time in my life! Holy Bad Hair Day ;)

What other random stuff can I ramble on about… Oh, Huck made a time-lapsed video of us cooking the other night.



The caption at the end is my favorite part. I told him I didn’t understand his song choice, but he told me a “Kiss won’t make you stay but good food will”. I’ll take it!

I’m still waiting for my Beer Fest video. We’ll be stuck in the car for 9 hours. I’ll get him to work on it then!

That’s all I have for today. Like I said, this was extremely random. I’m sure I’ll pop in while we’re gone… Maybe!




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