February Trip To Georgia

We’re back from GA. We actually made it out just in time to miss all the sleet, freezing rain, and snow. We made our way back bright {Actually it was still dark outside} and early Monday morning.

I had a great time with my family while Huck was in TN riding four wheelers with his friends from high school. We arrived Wednesday night before midnight, and I dropped him off at his buddies work early Thursday morning. Originally, he was going to fly into Knoxville to meet up with everyone, but we needed to take Ginny back to the vet and with the cost of airfare, it was cheaper for us both to go.

Thursday, I had lunch with my mom and Papa Mathis at our favorite Korean place. I could tell my mom was excited to spend time with me when she said she’d go to lunch with us, too. She really surprised me with how much stuff she tried. She even tried using chopsticks. And she agreed the food was really good!

Dan Moo Ji (1)

Dan Moo Ji (2)

Friday, we had seafood with my Papa Brooks and took Ginny to the vet. When we were home for Christmas, we took both dogs to have their teeth cleaned and get their yearly shots. Ginny’s liver functions came back really bad and the vet said it could be related to gum disease. He gave us 2 weeks worth of Antibiotics and told us to follow up in a month. Unfortunately, his levels were worse this time. The vet said it wasn’t due to his age {he’s 9} and $500 later, we’ll still not sure.

He gave us two new Rx to try and told us to follow up in a month. Hopefully this will work!

Friday night, Tabby took me to the new Growler-To-Go place in Downtown Flowery Branch. We sampled a few different beers trying to find something she’d like, and surprising we did! She enjoyed a Cedar and Wheat beer.

After we got our growlers, we had dinner at Show Guns. It was nice having an evening with just the two of us. I don’t see or talk to her nearly enough!

Saturday, my whole family {minus Huck} loaded up and headed to North Carolina to see my parent’s new property. In December, they purchased some land in the mountains right on the river. It currently has a RV with shed built around it with a large front porch facing the river, but they plan to build a small cabin. They’ve spent a few weekends cleaning up and were both really excited to show off their new home! I’m so happy for both of them.

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (11)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (15)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (29)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (39)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (70)

When we left their property, we took the scenic route home. We stopped at the Hiawassee Lake Dam, Field of the Woods, and Murphy, NC for lunch.

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (79)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (80)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (81)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (85)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (93)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (95)

Life Food and Beer North Carolina  (107)

Once we made it back to GA, we stopped at The Cottage for a wine tasting. We tried 5 different wines, and I purchased a white wine to take home. The view from the place was amazing, too!

The Cottage Vineyard and Winery

The Cottage Vineyard and Winery 1 (1)

The Cottage Vineyard and Winery 1 (2)

Sunday was spent with my parents visiting my grandparents again.

I left my parents around 5, which really sucked by the way! I always have a hard time leaving, but usually, I’m just ready to get the ride over. This time, I was going to meet Huck at his parent’s house. My whole family was standing in the driveway when I left. I started crying before I even made it to my car.

I managed to calm down after a few minutes, but started crying again, right before getting to Huck. He felt bad and we had to go over the whole I want to leave… I wanted to live in Florida… I love you more because I left a driveway full of people I love to come be with you, spill. I honestly missed him so much, though. We haven’t gone 3 days away from each other in a LONG time! We haven’t gone more than a night a part in over a year! We’re cheesy like that!

We had dinner with Huck’s parents and called it a night early. The ride back was LONG and horrible like always. I start getting angry around the 7-8 hour mark. That’s my car ride threshold.

Tuesday, Huck had his 6ish month follow up for this Colon Cancer. Everything came back great and the doctor said he would only need to follow up yearly, now. Exactly what we wanted to hear!

We celebrated the good news with Tacos and Shrimp Carbonara {Not at the same time!}. Two of Huck’s favorite foods.

That was my trip to Georgia. Nothing crazy but lots of time spent with my family. Just what I wanted/needed!


  1. Anonymous says

    It is hard seeing you leave, Every time, but I’m glad you have Huck. We miss you both, but looking forward to your Birthday, maybe on the motorcycle. Maybe next trip up Huck can check out our property, and hopefully we’ll have the other camper there so we can spend the night. Thank God everything went well with Huck’s check-up. Love and Miss you Both.

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