Funky Buddha and Lucero

As part of Huck’s Christmas present, I bought him tickets to see one of his favorite bands play in Fort Lauderdale. Lucero is a pop, alternative, country band. Their songs are not on the radio, so you’ve probably never heard them before. Unless you watch The Walking Dead. Apparently, one of their songs was on the show.

We saw them a few years ago in Atlanta, and I wasn’t a fan. I like rock music but their stuff is raspy country rock. If that makes any sense. Since then, I started warming up to them and actually liking their music (My Best Girl is my favorite)

So, last night, after I got off work, we made the hour long drive south to Oakland Park. The Culture club was only a few miles from Funky Buddha, so made the most of the trip down south and stopped in for dinner and drinks.

{Some of the pictures below are from our first trip there a few months ago. I posted them so you could see what the place looks like, since I forgot to share them before.}

Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha (1)

Funky Buddha (2)

When we arrived, they let us know they were tapping a German Chocolate Cake Brown Ale. I didn’t have to look at the menu after that. German Chocolate was all I needed to know.

Funky Buddha

We also ordered some food from Caleta. Every night, Funky Buddha has a food truck available. Caleta wasn’t a food truck, though. It was more like a catered event where you could purchase food.

Caleta specialized in Peruvian food. Huck ordered the Seco de Carne & Tacu Tacu {Cilantro Beef Stew with a Bean Cake}. I ordered the Aguadito de Pollo {Chicken, Potato, Rice, and Pea Soup} I found a recipe for the soup today and really want to make it at home!

Caleta (1)

Caleta (2)

The pictures suck, I know, but both dishes were great. And warm soup was perfect for a cold night. The German Chocolate Cake Beer was the perfect dessert!

After we finished our beers, we went to the Culture Room. The place is really small, but you’re guaranteed to have a great place to watch the concert.

Culture Room Lucero (2)

Unless this A Hole stands in front of you.

Culture Room Lucero 1

20 people in the whole room and he stands in front of me?!?  

They put on a great show! I really enjoyed the concert. I was disappointed they didn’t play My Best Girl, though!

Culture Room Lucero (1)

We made it home by 1AM. Our old house was 45 minutes to an hour away from downtown Atlanta, but didn’t seem as far as Fort Lauderdale does. Maybe I’m just not use to making that long drive anyone?

Merry Christmas Huck ;) I hope you had fun!  


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