Jupiter Beer Fest Weekend

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I’m a little behind on some stuff. So, I’m going back, way back, to Beer Fest Weekend. If you remember last year’s Beer Fest was a LONG weekend. This year was no different, but I was more prepared for the festivities.


The weekend started on Thursday folding T-Shirts. It ended with beers at TBC. I needed to prep my liver after all.


Field of Beer 2014 (53)

Friday, I got off work early and went home to get ready for Field of Beers. This is hands down my favorite food/beer event. Food made with beer + beer pairing = Heaven for me! My favorite food was, of course, the Cider Donuts. Second was the Scottish Egg. It was a hardboiled egg, covered in sausage, breaded, and fried. Honestly, it tasted like an egg wrapped in stuffing. Yum!

Field of Beer 2014 (40)

Huck has some great video of me talking about how much I love the donuts. I was waiting for him to finish the video before doing this post, but he hasn’t finished it yet. He has lots of videos to go through.

Field of Beer 2014

The Maple Bacon Coffee Porter from Funky Buddha was really good. I wasn’t sure about it at first, though. I’ve tried a Maple Bacon Porter before and it was like drinking pure maple syrup… Blah!! None of the favors, in this beer, were too overpowering.

Field of Beer 2014 (60)

Field of Beer 2014 (64)

I left only feeling slightly miserable and fairly sober. Over the course of the night, I had 4 donuts total, thinking I could get more on Saturday. They were not available at the beer festival : (. If I had known, I would have consumed a lot more! Next year, it’s on!

Field of Beer 2014 (13)

Field of Beer 2014 (23)

Field of Beer 2014 (42)

Field of Beer 2014 (47)


Saturday, started with me frantically trying to find baskets for the Barley Dolls. I put it off all week, and had to go to 3 different stores to find a plain wicker basket that wasn’t $10+ each. I finally found some at the Dollar Store.

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (10)

I arrived at Roger Dean Stadium sporting my new Barley Doll shirt.

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (11)

A few weeks ago, the organizer of Beer Fest, asked if the Barley Dolls would be interested in helping with the event. I agreed and asked a few ladies to help out. Our task, throw hops along the “parade” route behind the bagpipe players. When I opened the bag of hops, to fill the baskets, everyone started questioning what we were throwing. Dianna posted a picture with a hashtag saying “Hops not Hash”.

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (2)

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (12)

Once it was time, two groups of 4 bagpipe players, 2 drummers, and 3 Barley Dolls walked around the stadium, starting in the outfield. Each group followed the road around the stadium. We passed the lines of people, one for people who already had tickets and one for people waiting to buy tickets before our groups met at the main gate. Once our group was inside, the gates opened and the Beer Festival officially started. We all laughed as we looked at each other covered in Hops.

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (3)Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (4)

Huck was nice enough to hold everyone stuff during the parade.

I ordered cards to hand out, and everyone spent the day drinking beer and promoting the BD’s. Honestly, I think more guys asked us about our group than girls. The girls that help were awesome! Thank you ladies, again!!

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (6)

I actually did an interview for the yearly video as part of the Barley Dolls. It’s never a good idea to agree to be interviewed while drinking, by the way. Guy dressed like a monk: “What’s your favorite part of Beer Fest?” Me: “The Beer?” Really, how else could you answer that?

Jupiter Beer Fest Barley Dolls (7)

After the festival was over, we had dinner, and went home to let the dogs out before heading to TBC. We both sat on the couch and fell asleep around 9:30 and never made it. I’m not even sad about it either. Apparently, some people stayed up until 4AM. NO THANKS!


Sunday, we woke up nice and refreshed. We headed to the beach around noon where we mingled, ate more good food, drank more good beer, and enjoyed the sunny warm day. After the beach, we made our way to Square Grouper where I called it a night around 8PM. I had a ride home and jumped on it. I went home, cleaned up some, and was in bed by 11PM, “Who am I??” Huck rode the bus back, and arrived home around 1AM. When he woke me up to let me know he was home, I was happy to already be in bed. I told my coworkers I’d be in late Monday, my job is pretty laid back about stuff like that, but ended up getting up early and making it to the gym, “Again, What’s happen to me??” This damn 9-5 job has me all messed up!

Jupiter Beach Life Food and Beer

As always, it was a great weekend. As soon as Huck’s finishes the video, I’ll have it uploaded for you guys.

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    I really do enjoy reading your blogs. Looking forward to seeing the video. Oh yea Huck looked cute with the purses.

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