Lake Okeechobee Bike Ride

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It’s time for my weekly recap since it seems like all I can manage to blog about lately.

Friday, we spent Valentines Day at home making sushi and homemade Udon soup. After dinner, we watched Las Vegas. If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend it! So funny. Cheesy but funny!

Homemade Sushi (1)

Homemade Sushi (2)

Saturday, we drove ALL the way out to Lake Okeechobee to meet up with some friends for a fun bike ride along the lake. Every six months, a group of people meet at a park north of Indiantown, and ride, along the lake, to a hole in the wall bait shop/bar to drink beer and hangout.

Huck, Karl, and myself left Jupiter around 9AM and made the hour drive north west. It’s crazy how different the West side of 95 is from our area. Really, it’s like a different world over there. We passed countless horse, cow, and sugarcane farms. It’s very pretty, but I’d never live way out there!!

We met our group of about 10 people and headed North around the lake. It is HUGE by the way. Honestly, it looks like the ocean.

Lake Okeechobee (8)Lake Okeechobee (9)Lake Okeechobee (10)

As we were riding, we started passing people with race numbers on their shirts. Someone in our group asked what they were doing. There’s a race every year that goes around the whole lake. 118 MILES! And these people had been running for over 24 hours. I can’t even fathom that. I actually spend way too much time reading blog post about runners past experiences with the race. I thought maybe they’d stop and sleep or something over night. NOPE! They run all day and night. Last years winner finished in 26 hours. Is that humanly possible?

Lake Okeechobee (12)

After reading all that, our simple 8 mile ride seemed like a warm up for these people. We headed East through a trailer park before arriving at our destination. It was much nicer than I imagined a bar, which served $1 beers, in a trainer park could be.

Gator Hole Lake Okeechobee (1)

Our Biker Gang

Gator Hole Lake Okeechobee (2)

Lake Okeechobee Gator Hole

We stayed for about 2 hours, before making our way back to the cars. I did not go prepared to ride 18+ miles. My tiny mountain bike seat is not made for long rides sitting down.

Lake Okeechobee (7)Lake Okeechobee (14)

We made great time on the way back {a pain in your butt will do that}. Once we arrived at the car, we enjoyed our Publix subs and “Crack” {Karl brought some Salt and Pepper chips and we devoured, almost, the whole bag}.

Lake Okeechobee (27)

Lake Okeechobee

From there, everyone headed to Vine and Barley in Palm City. This is my new favorite bar. Besides the impressive craft beer menu, they have a wine bar. You load money onto a card {I did $10} and purchase the wine of your choice. Prices are different for each wine, and you can pick between a 1.5, 3, and 6 ounces pour. I tried 6 different wines 1.5oz samples with my $10. 3 reds and 3 whites.

Vine and Barley (1)

Vine and Barley (2)

I know NOTHING about wine, and this was the prefect way to try a few different styles and brands without spending $6+ for one glass and not liking it. I really wish we had a place like this in Jupiter!

Vine and Barley (3)

Vine and Barley (4)

Vine and Barley (5)

Sunday, we ran a few errands and cleaned up the house. It was nice having a whole day at home. I feel like we’ve been so GO GO GO lately. I actually spent most of the day watching the Olympic couples short dance and the USA vs. Russia hockey game. I’m not a big hockey fan, but that game was intense.

And that was my recap… I’m impressed I finished it before the week was over.  

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