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Hello! Its been a while! Just when I had motivation to blog regularly again, life happened! I’m not complaining, though.

A blog that I like to read does this thing every couple weeks called High Low High. She shares the high points and low points from the week. I though I would be fun to share some of the things going in our lives with my own High Low High, so here we go.

HIGH- I got a new job.

My office job was supposed to be a temporary job until I could find another property adjuster job. I really like property insurance. Yeah it’s lots of paperwork. Yea, climbing on roofs isn’t my favorite. Yea, most of our claims are in the worst parts of Hialeah. But I love working for myself. I love the freedom that comes with it. And I actually like the job! I’m not made for 9-5 Monday-Friday. I’ve either worked for myself, 12 hour shifts, or enjoyed the semi-retired life for a long time. Some days, I felt like a bird in a cage. Having to ask off to do simple stuff like go to the doctor, drove me INSANE! Sitting at a desk for 8.5 hours was even worse. It’s crazy because I can work on claims for 16 hours a day {I did it 3 days this week}, and it doesn’t feel the same. I have no idea why. I also got to the point where all I wanted to do was stay home. I felt like I was gone all the time, and when I was off work, I just wanted to hang out here. I’ve NEVER been like that before.

So, I spent the last year searching for the right job. Our trip to NOLA a few months ago, was actually to meet with a company for both of us. Not just Huck {I lied! Sorry!}. After talking back and forth for a few weeks, June 30th I received my first claim. It was a happy day! Followed by an Oh Shit! I don’t know what I’m doing day. Luckily, I have Huck and some really great support helping me learn the ropes. It adds a lot more pressure, though. Huck’s like a rock star claims adjuster, and I’ve wanted this job so badly. I’m really scared I’m going to screw it up, and I’ve been stressing myself out thinking I should know EVERYTHING already and feel like a failure when I mess something up. Honestly, I don’t think I’m doing terrible. Just learning! But I’m still stressing.

Life Food and Beer

{Our office!!}

Low- I was let go from my old job.

I’m really thankful for the office job. Yea, I hated it, but it keep me employed and provided a steady paycheck for 10 months. I was miserable before I found that job. I had nothing to do all day. I also wasn’t contributing to our household. I didn’t want to do anything or buy anything because it was Huck’s money. Not mine. So, the office job made me feel better. It gave me something to do, and there was a time when I actually thought I could see myself growing with the company.

I was hired as an assistant claims manager for a bus company and to help with office work for a workers comp agency. I’ve worked in workers comp before but this stuff was over my head, and for a while I really wanted to learn. I was constantly asking for more things to do and more responsibilities. I can’t tell you how many time I said “I’m a fairly smart, educated woman, that doesn’t like to be bored. Give me something challenging to do!” A few months ago, I was told, basically, I was good at answering phones and that’s what they wanted me to focus on. WTF!!

I think that was the last day I asked to help anyone or for more “responsibilities”.  I checked out! It didn’t help we were traveling and had visitors so much in May and June, either. I wanted my freedom back more than ever. I hadn’t worked a full week since May. I fell bad because that’s not the kind of employee I am! Again, I’m very thankful for the job, but it wasn’t a job for me! I actually had my whole “I quit, here’s my notice” speech all planned out.

They beat me to it, though. I arrived to work a couple weeks ago, and was told they were letting my go. My response “You couldn’t have told me over the phone and saved me the time driving here.” Because it’s so far. Then I was furious because I wanted to quit. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I came here to break up with you, damn it! They didn’t give me the exact reason they let me go. Apparently in the state of Florida, you don’t have to give a reason… cop out!

Honestly, it worked out better. If I put in my notice, I’d still be there until next week. I’ve been so busy this week {remember the 16 hour work days?}, there’s no way I’d be able to handle both. I still feel bad for being a shitty employee, but I was only there to answer the phones after all.

High- One Year Cancer Free

Last week marked the one year anniversary of the scariest week of my life. It’s when we found out Huck had a cancerous growth in his colon. Luckily, it was caught before it could spread and no other treatment was required. He had his 6 month check up in January and follows up regularly with his doctor.

Life Food and Beer

Low- We had a water leak

The property adjusters had to file a water claim… how ironic. At least we knew what to do. Now, our house is currently a mess! We’re missing half the flooring in our bedroom and closet. We had fans and dehumidifiers in the house for 2 days last week. Dog hair was blowing everywhere.

Life Food and Beer

Luckily, it wasn’t that bad. We have the air mattress in our office. It’s not bad as long as no one has to get up.

The house just feels so dirty right now!! I’m ready for everything to be back in it’s spot so I can start scrubbing!

We picked up the flooring today, so hopefully we can finish our bedroom tonight. Fingers crossed.

High- People actually use my recipes!

One of my old coworkers posted this picture on my Facebook page, and said she tried my Blueberry Pound Cake and really liked it.

Blueberry Pound Cake

My sister also tried the Buttermilk Fried Chicken a couple weeks ago.

Buttermilk Beer Fried Chicken

It make me so happy to know people are actually trying my recipes!!

I’m hoping to start sharing more with you guys in the coming weeks. The weathers been pretty crazy lately. Like it rains ALL THE TIME, but that’s life in South Florida. I’m hoping I can start cooking and photographing at lunch like I did before I started the office job. It’s typically not raining then. I have so many great ideas I want to share.

Check back in on Wednesday for a change to win a t-shirt from Kona Brewing Company.

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