New Year’s Eve

Can you believe it’s 2014? I still can’t believe Christmas is over. We still have our tree up. I’m assuming, since New Years was during the week, most people will wait until the weekend to take theirs down. Any excuse to enjoy it a little long. I’m kind of excited to have the house back in order, but always hate see our tree go!


We brought in the new year at our buddy Greg and Sam’s house in Delray.

Our host

Life Food and Beer NYE (2)Life Food and Beer NYE 1

Yes! Sam is wearing a bow tie with a polo!

My New Year’s Eve was definitely all about the food. Every time I walked into the kitchen, Sam was pulling more food out of the oven. We all agreed, he should start catering parties.

Life Food and Beer NYE (1)

We had dips, egg rolls, mini pig in the blankets, stone crab (Greg said stone crab was a traditional NYE food for him. I told Huck we’re making it a new tradition too. Any excuse to eat crab!)

I brought Shrimp Ceviche and a Beer Cheese Ball without the Beer. Both were super easy and received great reviews. I plan to have both on the blog soon. And I’ll try to remember the beer this time.

After eating too much, we sampled some beers.

Life Food and Beer NYE (5)

Heady Topper

Life Food and Beer NYE (6)

The first beer Huck and Greg brewed together.

Life Food and Beer NYE (7)

Bell’s Batch 10,000 Ale

After the beer, food, and football, we played Jenga. Every time we go somewhere people request Jenga. (If you’d like to make our own life size Jenga, check out my how to post <— Click Here).  It’s really popular and fun to play and watch. While people play, there is always a group standing around watching.

Life Food and Beer NYE (10)

Regular Jenga didn’t last long before the guys decided to start making the game interesting.

Life Food and Beer Jenga (1)

I guess the rules were you couldn’t touch the blocks with just your hands. It made for a very interesting game!

Life Food and Beer Jenga (2)

Huck won for most creative with the shop vac.

Life Food and Beer NYE (3)


Life Food and Beer NYE (4)

Life Food and Beer NYE (8)

We ended the night around 3AM on the couch watching True Blood. I managed to make it until 4AM. I woke up early to start my New Year’s Day food.

I used my new triple crock pot to cook Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens, and Pork. I have it every year!

Life Food and Beer NYE (11)


Everything was great, and I love my crock pot.

I enjoyed my leftover for lunch at work yesterday, too.

Life Food and Beer NYE (13)

And I have a bunch left. I see some Black Eyed Pea and Collard Green Soup in our future!


I also wanted to share my Christmas present from my sister.

Life Food and Beer 2013 (2)

This cup makes me happy. I’ll be working and look over and see all the people I love! It’s awesome!

How was your New Years? Did you make until midnight?


  1. Momma Mathis says

    Slept through it. Happy you all had a Great New Year. Miss you all already, but looking forward to going to the property. Have a Great weekend and be Safe. Love, Mom

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