Craft Beer Lover’s Gift Guide

A couple weekends ago, we hosted a holiday bottle share at our house and invited a handful of our closest craft beer loving friends. A bottle share is when you have a group of people get together and share different beers. Usually beers from different areas or stuff that harder to find. We brought back a bunch of beer from NYC and Atlanta that is not available in Florida.

At one point, people started talking about what they wanted for Christmas or what their other half wanted. One of our friends requested a growler of beer from TBC as his Christmas gift.

So, maybe you’re looking for something a little more than a growler of beer for your friend or loved one this year. Here is a small list of beer related items I’ve had my eye on or found and thought were pretty cool. I’m sure any beer nerd would love them!

Craft Beer Lover’s Gift Guide

1. Growltap

Growltap- Life Food and BeerI’m sure most people do not have a problem sharing a growler, but this is a great idea to keep it fresh.

2. Brewer Shirts

Brewer Shirts- Life Food and Beer

You can’t go wrong with t-shirts.

3. Insulated Growler Carrier

Growler Carrier- Life Food and Beer

I personally want something like this. I hate holding the cold growlers on the way home from TBC.

4. Hop Jewelry

Hop Jewelry- Life Food and BeerThis is more for the ladies, but I’m in love with this jewelry! Who needs diamonds when you can have grains and hops!

5. Brooklyn Brew Shop- Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop- Life Food and Beer

Do you want to make beer at home, but you’re not ready for it to start taking over your entire house? Brooklyn Brew Shop has kits to make one gallon batches of beer on your stovetop. It’s great if you live in a small apartment, too.

6. Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club- Life Food and BeerNew beers delivered to your door each month, what’s not to love?

7. Subscription to a Craft Beer Magazine

Beer Magazine- LIfe Food and Beer

There are so many craft magazine available. Beer Magazine, All About Beer, and Brew Your Own are just a few.

8. Membership to the American Homebrewers Association

Homebrewers Association- Life Food and Beer

9. Beer Cookbooks

The Craft Beer Cookbook

Since I do not have a cookbook to share with you guys, yet, I thought I would share another really great option. Jackie from The Beeroness makes some amazing recipes using beer.

10. Beercation

Taste Vacations- Life Food and Beer

Who wouldn’t love a beer themed vacation? Okay. I’m sure some people wouldn’t but for craft beer fans, it’s a great way to explore. You can see from my breweries visited page, we love to check out new breweries everywhere we go. My trips are not solely based on breweries and beer, but they play a part in my destination and activity list. People travel to Italy and Napa Valley for wine. Why not travel areas and explore the beer scene? This year for Christmas, Huck and I didn’t purchase gifts for each other, but instead planned a trip to San Diego in early March. We’re both looking forward to a fun filed trip full of food, beer, and adventure.

Taste Vacations is another great option. They have a week long beer themed trip to Belgium. That trips going to cost you a little more.

Also check out this list for America’s Seven Best Beercations. San Diego is number 7 :)

Whatever you decide, I’m sure your loved one will love it.


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