This morning started like any other Sunday. I got up, made a cup of coffee, and ate breakfast. Huck said he needed to meet an expert for a claim this morning close to the house, and he could go alone. He wasn’t sure how long he would be and told me I could stay home. That was fine with me. 9AM is still early.

He arrived back around 10:30AM. He was dropping his computer off upstairs when someone rang the doorbell. I walked down, opened the door, and the person at the door started laughing, screaming, and hugged me.

When the shock wore off, I realized my Mom was standing at my door… WTH?!?! I thought, How did you get here? Did you drive? Where’s Daddy?

It wasn’t until Huck and my Mommy started talking that I realized that they planned this together.

Apparently, they started planning this weeks ago. Huck told me he was going to look at a job but picked my mom up from the airport. He went as far as pretending he was talking to the expert he was “meeting”. Sneaky Sneaky!

Once she settled in, we went to Dive Bar for lunch.

2013-06-09 11.38.56

I ordered Sushi, Huck ordered the Adult Grilled Cheese, and mommy ordered the Cheese Burger.

lunch delete

After lunch, we changed and went to Blowing Rock. My mom loved it when I took my family there on our Tour of Jupiter the day before our wedding. The tide was low, but it gave us a chance to see the other side of the rocks.





Where’s Huck??




They are working really hard to hold that rock up.


I’ve been working out.


After Blowing Rock, I made my mom go grocery shopping with me. I’m excited to have another person to cook for.


For dinner, I made the Sliced Bake Potatoes like I’ve seen on Pinterest. They were AMAZING! I’m definitely making my Baked Potatoes like this for now one!


I served our potatoes with Mini Meatloaf and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

She is here until Thursday, and I have lots of places to take her. The one place we will not be going is the mall. When she came down for the wedding, I dragged her to the mall and Michael’s way to many times. I told her I wouldn’t torture her again.

Great way to start my Birthday week :)



I doubled up on my blog post today. My mom is flying into town tomorrow, so I figured I would go ahead and publish this one today. I’ll probably get distracted tomorrow. We have a big day of my mom riding around with my while I do errands.

Sunday, we rode to the beach to see the waves from Hurricane Sandy. The beach was full of people watching the massive waves off the shore.






We thought the pier was blocked because of the waves, but apparently, it suffered a little damage!




I really thought this wave was going to get us!

We went to Blowing Rock Preserves.







I was so worried Huck was going to get sucked out to sea.




We were really lucky, all we had was rough seas and 55 degree temps this morning. I hope Sandy takes it easy on the Northeast.


Blood Sweat and Tears

I realized today, I haven’t blogged in a really long time. Tabby and Michael came to visit last week after going to Orlando for their honeymoon. When they arrived, we showed them around the area. Starting at Tequesta of course! We enjoyed a few beers, and the boys  helped the brewers bottle 750 22oz beers. Me and Tabby played checkers and watched Smile

2012-06-27 16.18.45

2012-06-27 17.11.39

2012-06-27 17.29.26

2012-06-27 17.35.132012-06-27 17.35.562012-06-27 18.39.49

After having a few beers we went to the beach and The Square Grouper.

2012-06-27 15.48.122012-06-27 15.48.512012-06-27 15.49.372012-06-27 20.43.56

The Grouper is an awesome place to hangout.

The next day, I took them to Blowing Rock Preserves. The water was so blue and the waves were crashing against the rocks.


Huck joined us for lunch at Guanabanas. We started with the Gator Bites. Michael is not a very adventurous eater… To say the lease. I couldn’t believe he actually tried the gator bites and actually liked them.


Huck ordered the Shrimp Po’Boy and I ordered the Shrimp Wrap. Our food wasn’t to bad! Surprisingly!

Michael and Tabby left after dinner to go to Cocoa Beach. My Dad’s family were in town including my parents. Huck and I left Friday afternoon to join everyone. Since Huck was going to Tampa on Saturday, I packed up the dogs and planned to stay the weekend.

Friday night, we had dinner with my Grandparents, Aunts, and Cousins. My Papa made like a hundred steaks for everyone. They were good. My Papa knows now to grill!


You know you have a keeper when he is the first one in the kitchen cleaning up!! Or he was just showing off. Either way… Keep it up Baby!!


My Aunt Stacey planned the trip for everyone to celebrate my Grandparents 50th wedding Anniversary. It was great being able to spend time with them. I haven’t seen my Aunts since Christmas.

Huck left really early Saturday and I spent the day with my parents. I enjoyed having them to myself for a few days. The dogs enjoyed it too.

2012-06-30 17.32.152012-07-01 10.13.272012-07-01 10.20.242012-07-01 09.30.47

Ginny was in heaven. He was able to watch people on the beach and enjoy the A/C blowing in his face. Best of both worlds.

For dinner, my parents and I went to Florida Seafood for dinner.

We started with 1 1/2lb of Crab Legs.

2012-06-30 21.00.15

Then my main course came.

2012-06-30 21.20.27

There was so much food! I was stuffed.

Sunday, me and the dogs packed up and headed home. I still cry every time people leave or I leave. Will I always do it?? I feel like a baby, and it makes Huck feel bad. He thinks it is his fault he made me leave my family. I keep reminding him it was my idea originally. I love it here.

Tuesday, my Grandparents came down from Cocoa to spend the day with us. For dinner, we took them to Bubba Gump.

2012-07-03 18.02.07

New Orleans Shrimp

2012-07-03 18.02.13

Accidental Fish and Shrimp

2012-07-03 18.02.20

Coconut Shrimp.

We found Gump and Jenny.



















Tuesday night, I met up with Deena (from the beer competition) for girls night. We went to see Magic Mike. The movie itself was horrible, but the dancing scenes were great!! It was fun to be in a theater full of woman all ready to see half naked men with amazing bodies. The energy in the theater was disrupted by the preview for a moment though. Who’s idea was it to preview nothing but scary movies before the Magic Mike?? Fail!! As soon as they showed Tatum’s naked butt in the first scene, the energy was back.


I think I like Alcide even more now, too! Winking smile It was a great night!

For the 4th, Huck and I worked all day, but did take a break to ride our bikes downtown for the fireworks. It was nice not having to sit in traffic afterwards, but crossing the road was a little scary!


I will be back later with a recipe. This post is getting too long. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!


It’s My Birthday Weekend Part 2

You can see the first part of my Birthday Weekend Here.

Saturday, I woke up feeling fantastic. I woke up at 6AM, curled up in the chair. Normally if I fall asleep in the chair, I wake up with a sore neck or back. I got up. Fixed a large glass of water and noticed that Huck took pictures of me while I was asleep.

*** I just noticed I left out the picture.

Mike and Nancy, a couple Huck use to do work for in Georgia, were in town for the day, so we made plans to show them around the area. They arrived around 11AM and we headed out to the Craft Beer and Burger Bash.








I thought this event was going to be inside. Not in the hot South Florida sun. I sampled lots of burgers while walking around and was very disappointed. If you are entering burgers into a burger competition, the burgers should at least taste good. All the burgers I tried were covered in sauce, but the meat itself was very bland. SALT AND PEPPER PEOPLE. My favorite was a Gyro Burger from Whole Foods and a Philly from CG Burger. Both were Chain Restaurant. The beer was good, but I started feeling a little dehydrated and laid off the beer and started chugging water!

We stayed for about 2 hours and came home, changed into our bathing suits, and left to go to Blowing Rock Preserves. Blowing Rock is amazing! The water was very rough, so the waves were hitting the rocks really hard.



When we first arrived, the waves were just lightly splashing on the rocks. The guys walked over to the edge to get a better look.








They both got a little wet Smile






We did a few Mad Libs while in the car too. I haven’t done these in years. This will definitely be a part of our next trip to Miami.

We went and sat on the beach for a little while after we left, and went to Bubba Gump’s for dinner. I of course ordered the Shrimp and Grits again. It was just so good the first time I had it. I wasn’t as impressed this time. They added way to much ham and it was really greasy. I’ll probably change it up next time.


The view is great of the lighthouse at night!! I need to work with my camera to figure out how to take better pictures at night.



Today, was a lazy day of hanging out at TBC, grocery shopping for veggies at Publix (I do not think I had any veggies all weekend and feel horrible!!), and hanging out by the pool.

This weekend was great. Huck did a great job making my 27th Birthday a great one! I’m one lucky girl!!

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