Life Size Jenga

The 4th of July is a week away. Are you ready? Our friend Gump is coming into town, but I’m not sure what we are going to do yet. Maybe we can grill out here, play some Jenga, then head to Downtown Abacoa. As I was thinking about playing Jenga, I remembered, I never shared how to make it with you guys.

The idea for Life Size Jenga came from a night of drinking at a bar… Surprised? We were at Das Biergarten one night with some friends. They had Jenga setup outside and we started playing.

2013-02-16 19.47.19

Huck, the contractor, starting thinking about how easy a game like this would be to make.  A few days later, he bought the supplies and 30 minutes later, we had a Life Size Jenga.

**Huck was nice enough to take all the step-by-step pictures for this post.**


What You Need

  • 8- 2x4x96” Boards
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper-Optional
  • Large Box for Storage

What To Do

Step1: Purchase 8 2x4x96” from lumber store.

The straighter the better.

2013-03-08 14.26.42

Step 2: Measure 10.5 inches exactly. You will get 9 cuts per board.

2013-03-08 15.26.22

Step 3: Cut Boards.

Cuts must be perfect to line up with each other.


Step 4: Repeat 72 times.


Step 5: Sand edges to make smooth.

We actually rubbed the edges on the concrete. No sandpaper was required.


Step 6: Play and Enjoy!

Stickers are optional unless you’re Huck. He thinks stickers are mandatory on everything.


Total Cost
  • Lumber: $22
  • Sandpaper: $3- Optional

Grand Total: $22

The cheapest set I found on Amazon was over $100. It included a bag, but a cheap Rubbermaid container works great. And it’s really heavy. I can’t imagine it being easy to carry in a duffel bag.


Each player takes a turn and pulls out one board, at a time, and places it on top of the stack. If you change your mind about a board {before fully removing it} you must replace it to the original position. You are not allowed to hold the stack while removing a board.  You can only pull a board from the second completed row down.

2013-03-08 17.36.42

We’ve used the Jenga set a few times at our house and at the Pig Roast in March. It’s great for parties. I’ve also found a few ways to make it into a drinking game because everything is better when drinking is involved.

I’m the current Jenga Champion by the way.


2013-03-08 17.41.56

Stay tuned for some 4th of July themed recipes this week. With my recipes and Jenga, your 4th is guaranteed to be awesome.

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