Have I seen you on Cops??

Last night, some friends asked if we wanted to go on an adventure. The plan… to meet at Inlet Harbour Bar and Liquor. We were promised a night like no other.

For our fellow friends it may have been, but for us, it was just a trip back home.

Most areas of Palm Beach, are posh/high-end/I’m way underdressed, but last night we ventured to an area still near the water, but refusing to sale out. The patrons where a mix of woman still teasing their hair with Aqua Net and men still dressed in their work clothes drinking Budweiser straight from the bottle. Everything about it reminded me of dives we went to in Winder.

Plywood walls, ripped cushions, thick layer of smoke all took me back to nights of groups of people hanging out in the drive way for hours, ready to go, only to open another beer and continue talking. It reminded me of shots, bartenders saying you need to slow down, cigarettes, the Grandmother wet T-shirt contest, sleeping in the car because our DD decided the bar was only tolerable drunk, lots of “You really don’t want to go home with that”, and a guaranteed hangover the next day.

Luckily, last night didn’t end that way. There were no shots. We did not see anyone get tasered. No one fell asleep at the table. We were not the last to leave. And everyone went home with the same people they came with, without an argument. Last night was just a normal night at the bar.


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