This afternoon, Huck and I had date night at the beach. We took our chairs and a few beers out to our favorite spot and watched the waves.

We brought Oopie with us, tonight.

He drove us to the beach.

He was so excited to be at the beach.

When we arrived to the beach, it was really windy, and all of a sudden it just stopped. The kitesurfers kites dropped down into the water. One guy was really far off shore. We watched him for a while and decided to call 911 since he wasn’t coming in. The 911 operator told Huck they were aware and the police where at the beach and a boat was coming to help him. 20 or more minutes later the boat showed up. Thank Goodness he wasn’t in distress. We did see a bunch of Dolphins swimming around close the the downed kitesurfer. I would have been freaking out! When we left, he was safely on shore again.

For dinner tonight, I made Stuffed Chicken again. I followed all the same steps as last time, but I used Pepper Jack Cheese with Ham instead of the cheese and Spinach. I brushed the chicken with Spicy Brown Mustard before breading them with the bread crumbs. I served them with Green Beans.

My nice camera was dead, but trust me, it was GOOD!

Oopie and Huck have been sleeping like this for over an hour. It is cute. I felt bad for Ginny since Oopie was with Huck, so I let him sit with me.

Now we are going to watch House Hunters together. I love the International episodes. It makes me want to live everywhere!!

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