Week in a Day

We had a lot going on the past few days. Huck’s cousin passed away this week, so we drove to Panama City, Florida for the funeral Friday. I’ll catch everyone up with some stuff we did before we left of the Panhandle. Tuesday night, we met with our friends, Nate and Suzanne, for dinner at Guanabanas. Everyone we’ve talk to, recommend checking out Guanabanas. When we arrived I figured out why. The place felt like we were in a tree house. It was right on the water and the whole restaurant was open. It was awesome! This is were we had dinner.

Bar tables spread around the restaurant. I took these pictures from their website. It looks so nice!

Me and Huck split the nachos. They were OK, but we will be going back for sure. The place is amazing!!

Wednesday night, we met up with the guys from the Beer Bar, for part two of Nate’s 30th Birthday Celebration. We met at Tequesta Brewing Company. We sat around talking about our future goals and ideas for future breweries. I really believe we were brought here for a reason, and we met all these people to encourage us to accomplish our goals. Everyone else left around 10, but me, Huck, and Greg stayed until around 1130 until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I had to be at work at 6 the following morning, so I was ready to go.

We had a few snacks while at Tequesta. Fish Dip, Mushroom Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, and Homemade Potato Chips. The crackers for the dip was my favorite.

After I got off work Thursday, we packed up the dogs and left for the 7 hour ride to my Grandparents house near Panama. That ride is horrible!! We arrived around 9 and spent a little time with them before calling it a night. I do not get to see my Mom’s Mom very often, so this trip was a nice (I wish it could have been under better circumstances). The next morning, my Nanny made us Tomato Gravy, Biscuits, Sausage, and Eggs for breakfast (My Favorite), before we left for the funeral.

The rest of the day was spent spending time with Huck’s family. We returned back to my Grandparents around 9 again. I wish we could have spent more time with them, but we will see them in a month for my little sisters wedding. Saturday morning, with Huck’s sister and mom following in their car, we made our way back to South Florida. They quickly realized how crappy the drive was, as well.

After we got home, we changed and rode to the beach. Mackenzie had a blast playing in the water.

She just woke up and was trying to figure out how to walk on the sand.

She loved the waves!

She was so sad when we left! She was reaching out to the water as they walked away from the shore.

For dinner, we went to Dune Dogs. I ordered the Blacken Fish Sandwich and Huck ordered the Mix Grill with rice and fries.

I think from now on I will stick to the hamburger.

Today, we are going to show everyone around town before Mike, Jess, and Mack leave for Disney. We are taking Huck’s mom up there on Wednesday, and we are going to Magic Kingdom.

Right now, we are waiting for the babies to wake up to leave for the day.

Oopie is having fun with Mack!

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