Wynwood Brewing and Wynwood Art District

After our South Beach tour with Miami Culinary Tours, we headed over to Wynwood Art District to check out Wynwood Brewing Company {My goal is to see how many times I can say Wynwood in one post!}

Wynwood is a very interesting area. At first it appears to be an abandoned, rough, part of Miami covered in graffiti, but what looks like rundown building are actually full of restaurants, art galleries, and a brewery.

It actually passed Wynwood Brewing Company twice before we realized what it was.

Wynwood Brewing Company (1)

Huck noticed the banner hanging on the wall. I was to busy looking at all the artwork on the walls. Every wall through Wynwood is covered in artwork.

Wynwood Brewing Company (5)

The walls of Wynwood even had a beer theme. Wynwood Brewing Company (7)Wynwood Brewing Company (8)

Once inside we sat at the bar, enjoyed a flight, and watched the guys brew beer.

Wynwood Brewing Company (2)

Wynwood Brewing Company (3)

Wynwood Brewing Company (19)

I tried the La Rubia, Pop’s Porter, Beat The Meat, and Wynwood IPA. I really enjoyed the La Rubia. I’ve noticed I do not care for wheat and blonde styles as much, but this one was really good.

Wynwood Brewing Company (20)

Even the inside of the brewery was full of artwork.

Wynwood Brewing Company (17)

Once we finished our beers, we walked around.

Wynwood Art District  (1)

Wynwood Art District  (2)

Wynwood Art District  (5)

Wynwood Art District  (8)

Wynwood Art District  (10)

Wynwood Art District  (11)

Wynwood Art District  (13)

Wynwood Art District  (20)

Wynwood Art District  (21)

Wynwood Art District  (22)

Wynwood Art District  (23)

Wynwood Art District  (24)

We walked in a couple art stores and passed countless art galleries during our walk. It’s such a neat area. You think a building is abandoned, but behind the gate, there would be a bar garden.


Wynwood Art District  (7)

I really wanted to stop at this coffee shop and see if they had Cafe Cubano. We decided against it, though. I wanted to sleep that night!

I want to go back and explore more of the city and take the Wynwood Miami Culinary Tour.

After leaving Wynwood, we stopped at a craft beer bar in Fort Lauderdale. Huck read about Riverside Market in a craft beer magazine and wanted to check it out.

Riverside Market (3)

Riverside is like an old gas station, with over 550 craft beers. You’re allowed to pick out whatever beer you like and take it to your table. When you’re ready to go, you take your empties to the cashier and check out. They operate on the honor system.

Riverside Market (1)

I picked a Gluten Free beer just to try it, and I had about three sips! It was GROSS! I imagine if I couldn’t have gluten, I’d be excited to drink it though.

Riverside Market (2)

Huck was in Heaven!

Riverside Market (6)

We ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza while Huck enjoyed his beer. It was really good, too! It was such a fun day. It’s easy to forget there is still so much we haven’t seen or done in Florida, and it doesn’t require airfare or a hotel.

Riverside Market (8)

Well, that was our day! And it only took two weeks to finish! I’ve been REALLY slacking on my blog lately. It’s just SO HARD to find motivation to blog when I sit at a computer all day. The last thing I want to do when I get home is work on the computer more.


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